Industry 4.0


An Intro in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 or the 4th Industrial Revolution is the new buzz word in manufacturing. The fact you are viewing this page implies that you are on a fact finding mission (Brilliant! you are already on the journey).
So let us start by asking a couple questions, don’t worry there isn't a test!

  • What is it?
  • Why bother?
  • Where do you start?

What is it?
The ultimate goal for Industry 4.0 is to achieve a smart factory where all aspects are connected to each other, enabling full transparency of your plant. Decision-making can be decentralised, plant performance can be monitored in real-time and standard operations are performed autonomously (machines/plant processes talking to each other rather than through a medium of an operator).

A good everyday example of a smart factory is Amazon. When you order a product on-line, the whole process is automated until a person finally intervenes at the end of the process, when the goods are being packaged and delivered. During this process, the system is also constantly acquiring data from your order; including ordering habits, plant performance, plant efficiency, operator performance, the list goes on.

Why Bother?
It is not technology that is moving at an alarming pace, but the way in which we are now able to use technology that is growing exponentially. Companies that struggle to keep up or fail to meet changes in technology will end up left behind.
If you are not working towards an industry 4.0 Strategy can you be certain that the competition is not?

Embracing technology can offer significant advantages, but the main driver should be increased profit or market share. Technology allows this to happen by showing you where efficiencies in your plant could be made or where a gap in the market could be.

Where do you start?
In real terms, Industry 4.0 is simply about collecting and using data. So let us start there...

Step 1 - Start Collecting Data. Whether its stock levels, asset management or plant performance. Get that data logged. The more data the better.
Step 2 - Analyse it. Quantify what that data is telling you.
Step 3 - Make Any changes needed.
Step 4 - Repeat Step 1.

How can Sull Systems Ltd Help?

Industry 4.0. is an Evolution not a revolution. We recognise that you are busy, just keeping on top of your day to day activities is hard enough without the added pressure of another project involving Industry 4.0.

At Sull Systems Ltd, we can assist you as much or as little as you like. Whether you require Consultation, Surveying, Strategy Planning, or a Turnkey Solution we can assist you and meet your requirements.

We also like to keep you informed on developments within Industry 4.0 by providing useful resources for you to view at your pleasure.

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Next Steps....

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