About Us


Our Mission

To provide effective and innovative solutions that our clients are proud of. Embrace technology advancements and challenge what is possible.

Our Philosophy

Every action we take is underpinned by the aspiration to facilitate safe and innovative environments for both people and machine.

Our Values

We are honest with ourselves and others, respecting everyone who works with or for Sull Systems

We enjoy working with a range of clients to find bespoke solutions

We seek to work in partnership with others to ensure that the highest quality solutions can be achieved

We are ambitious, striving for innovation and excellence in everything we do

We work hard to ensure that all clients enjoy their experience of Sull Systems

We are open and responsive to learning, to ensure that we consistently meet our potential and stay connected to industry developments

Meet the Team

We want you to get to know us. So each month a member of our team share a short bio of who they are (Its highly likely that they will dump an extract from their CV)


Shane O'Sullivan

Managing Director

Shane O’Sullivan the Managing Director of Sull Systems is an accomplished, highly skilled and qualified EICA & Engineering Management Professional with a strong Mechanical Engineering aptitude, who enjoys responsibility and thrives on challenge.

Shane offers vast technical knowledge and expertise spanning in multiple manufacturing sectors. Proficient in problem-solving; through a practical and dynamic approach in providing reliable and cost- effective solutions. Shane is a tenacious and determined leader with the ability to liaise at all levels, leading by example, setting high standards of excellence. An individual who thrives on delivering projects on-time and within budget, ensuring engineering targets are achieved and in line with customer requirements, innovative and resourceful, with wide-ranging project knowledge coordinating and delivering capital projects and providing on-site support.

An extremely competent Honours graduate operating in multiple projects and manufacturing environments, including both Lower & Higher Tier COMAH sites. Beginning at skilled craft level, progressing to engineer and advancing into management. Highly motivated, ambitious with a drive to succeed. An individual who is committed to achieving and surpassing all targets with a strong emphasis on health and safety, constantly striving for a zero-harm policy.

Shane is a family man and loves golf, rugby and walking his dog.

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